¿Performance or Fashion?

¿Performance or Fashion?

How to choose the best clothes for exercise Running is not the same as riding a bicycle, as yoga is not the same as taking an aerobics class. There are many exercises that allow you to be in shape, but to obtain a greater benefit, or simply to feel better, it is advisable to use the most appropriate clothes to perform each type of physical activity. It is not about going out to buy all kinds of shirts and trousers, even more if one takes into account the high price that sportswear brand usually has. But once you have chosen the sport you want to practice it is important to know what type of garment is the best to do this exercise. Functionality, comfort and durability are three of the aspects that must be taken into account, in addition to the appearance, although there are other factors that influence the decision. Appearance It is important not to confuse comfort with vanity, since it could be harmful when doing the exercise; although it is also true that appearance also plays a relevant role for the motivation of people. "An example is what happens in Colombia, where women like to have a good figure, with nice breasts and buttocks and correct proportions," explained the WFSGI leader. "What happens there is that the shape of the garments is important, so it has incorporated a figure corrector technology in sportswear."

"Then you come across high-compression fabrics in clothes that have shape functionality built in. People realized that before women had to wear bras to keep the shape under the sportswear, which was very uncomfortable. necessity was studied and that's why it was satisfied. " Fibers There are exercises that make you sweat more than others, while if done in a gym or outdoors it also makes a difference. In any case, the important thing is to ensure that the body remains as dry as possible and with sufficient ventilation to prevent overheating. "Another trend that is very strong is high-intensity, high-temperature training, which is carried out mainly indoors or in a gym with instructors and personal trainers." In this sense it is advisable to avoid cotton garments, which could be used in activities of low intensity or little movement. The problem is that cotton is a material that does not let the body breathe, plus it gets wet with sweat and becomes heavier and more annoying. In this case you should look for a type of synthetic material to repel sweat, such as nylon and polyester, in addition to expelling moisture from the body through the fabric. Wool and bamboo shirts also keep your body cool. Manufacturing technology has also advanced and garments that incorporate fibers such as Coolmax or Supplex help control temperature. "Everything started at the request of the professional athletes who increasingly demanded better fabrics".

"About four years ago, the trend was humidity control, fast drying, antibacterial and durability, which was what endurance sports were looking for." What happened next was that there was a transition from the same needs to the general market. " Layers It is not so relevant to most tropical countries, but it does not hurt if the exercise is practiced outdoors in the morning or at night. To counteract the cold and heat periods, it is advisable to play with layers that can increase or decrease as the body temperature rises or falls during exercise. The formula is to have a base layer that allows the body to breathe, but at the same time maintains heat. Then you can opt for a lighter layer and finally with a waterproof protective layer or used to cut the wind. During warm days it is important to dress appropriately to avoid excess sweating and keep the body hydrated. Other factors "It's also happening that people not only want to look good during exercise, but before and after, people do not change when they leave the gym, they just put on a windbreaker or a raincoat and continue with their daily routine. that in the last two and three years there has been a tremendous technological development. " In this sense Van der Pols referred to the devices as monitors, bands and accessories that are incorporated into the sports attire.

Other elements that may be relevant are the number of pockets - as to carry the keys - and the color: light or reflective tones are the most recommended for outdoor exercise at night. The footwear must also be chosen carefully, taking into account the function that will be given and the type of foot. Underwear should also not be neglected, as both women and men. The underwear should not be neglected either, as both women and men need clothes that hold and protect their private parts. Finally, before making the final decision it is preferable to try each one of the garments that you want to buy as, in addition to the variables previously indicated, the sensation that the clothes generate in people is crucial. Only then can you be convinced that the right choice was made.


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